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Cut by Michael


Cuts dry or wet    85  long hair extra 25

Styling                    50   "

Roots                      85

1st time colour      consult

Blending                 75 up

Foils full                 150 up

1/2                           95

Painting                  50 up

Baliage                    75 up

     full                      150

Bleach full roots   95

Tone gloss              40.

Low lighting            50

Neo Waving          150  up

La Brasilianna

      Keratin            250

Vapor Mask          25


"Why cant I find a great colorist in my area?"


Unfortunately the qualifications to get a state cosmotology license does not include professional in salon real world experience. After one year a beauty school student can open their own salon.Usually its easier to fine that great doctor than it is to find a great colorist/stylist. This is why referrals are so important within the salon industry.