About Us

Education,Desire and Qualifations


 Bringing over 30 years of experience in hair colouring, working with celebrity and VIP clients from coast to coast and earning a Bachelors in Social Work, qualify Michael to have the  unique ability to access your needs and advise you in which direction you might take your looks with hair. Any hair color can be yours when you work with a master hair colorist. In the rare event your desired  hair cannot becreated on the first visit,Michael is honest and forth coming with options. The integrity of clients hair will always surpass the artist desire to create.  

Passion,Skill and Abilities


By combining years of education, high end in salon experience and a passion for painting beautiful colors, Michael will provide you with the epitome of a in salon experience. This together with tchnical abilities beyond compare and knowledge of the most discerning customer service in the industry, guarantee your satisfaction in salone bianco.   

It's ll About Repeat Business


After your visit to my studio you will  tell all your friends about how wonderful your appointment went.